pressure vessels

COPV technology allows to store gas at higher pressures with better weight performance whn compared with traditional full metal vessels. This COPV uses an aluminium liner obtained from cold forming, making it free from weld seams on the cilyndrical section. With this forming process, the amount of wasted raw material is reduced in the dome fabrication and the concentricity of both ends is guaranteed.


- Aluminium seamless liner
- MEOP: 200 bar / 2900 psi
- Burst pressure: 300 bar / 4350 psi
- Volume: 5 to 15 dm3
- Dimensions: OD 208 mm, lenght: 245 to 580 mm (without end caps)
- End caps design by request
- End caps welded by: TIG, Friction (under development 2018), MPW (under development)
- Certification: ongoing

Under development: 2.5 dm3 with 120 mm OD

Others configurations (main specs upon request): OD 96mm; OD 120mm