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R&D Wind Energy System: platform in operation during the 2014 tests campaign
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R&D Wind Energy System: full system take-off procedures during the 2014 tests campaign
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R&D Aluminium Pressure Vessels: portfolio with tanks up to 14L using patented weld-less technology


This project focus on a high altitude platform for wind energy convertion capable of varying the altitude at which the energy is produced. Also, having no fans of any type, it produces energy from the aerodynamic forces acting upon an airborne airfoil-like craft. If connected to the ground through a tether cable, this apparatus can convert wind energy into electrical energy, in a completely new and innovative way. This type of construction allows a significant price reduction per unit of power installed as well as an easier implementation of the concept in off-shore applications (regardless of water depth).


  • Wind Energy Convertion
  • Wind Energy Based Propultion
  • Advertising Opportunities

Who We Are

Our research team, with varied engineering backgrounds, handles the complex problems arising from the experience with aerospace technology and energy systems, while simultaneously providing solutions to the challenges involved in any R&D activity. We are a group of engineers, actively engaged in the pursuit for “next generation” energy conversion systems. Reaching this goal requires extensive work in the development of airborne structures, knowledge of unconventional means of propulsion and a throughout understanding of energy transfer forms.


Founded in August 2003, OMNIDEA is a Portuguese small to medium enterprise (SME) incubated in the European Space Agency (ESA. After an initial period in the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) of ESA in Noordwijk (The Netherlands), Omnidea evolved into an independent company and, even though its ties to ESA remain as strong as ever, it has definitely achieved critical dimension. Amongst the highlights of its brief history we emphasize the victory achieved, with the ENERGON project, in the “New Venture Business Plan” competition held in the Netherlands in 2004, but also the portfolio of submitted patents that grant Omnidea a comfortable starting position into its technology oriented future.

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