Omnidea was founded in 2003 with Headoffice in Viseu, incubated in ESA until 2005, transferred its main R&D in 2006 to IST, operated mostly out of IST (Lisbon’s main engineering university) until in 2008 it was invited to change its operational base to the Caparica facilities of FCT (Nova University of Lisbon engineering school) which is less than 10km away from Lisbon’s downtown. Cooperation agreements give us access to laboratories at IST and LNEG in Portugal. This close cooperation with academic institutions only reinforces the company’s commitment towards technological evolution and innovative thinking from state-of-the-art scientific knowledge.  

Omnidea has a protocol of collaboration signed with the Ota Portuguese Air Force Base in order to perform flight tests of the High Altitude Wind Energy system prototypes as well as the High Altitude Platform prototypes.

About Us

We are a group of engineers, actively engaged in the pursuit for “next generation” energy conversion systems. Reaching this goal requires extensive work in the development of airborne structures, knowledge of unconventional means of propulsion and a throughout understanding of energy transfer forms.
Our research team, with varied engineering backgrounds, handles the complex problems arising from the experience with aerospace technology and energy systems, while simultaneously providing solutions to the challenges involved in any R&D activity.