Markets such as Energy and Gases Storage, as well as Wind Energy Conversion Systems, will see Omnidea’s first push for innovation. Energy distributing companies in search of alternative energy and power harnessing forms, Governmental associations and Auto companies seeking CO2 compliance to Kyoto agreed quotas and Space Enterprises looking for optimized storage both in power and energy density, are amongst Omnidea’s future potential clients. ESA, the European Space Agency, one of the major aerospace players, is Omnidea’s biggest client and also one of its most strategic business partners.

Expertise Topics

a) Fuel Cells and Electrochemical Systems;
b) Energy Storage Systems;
c) Terrestrial and Space Propulsion;
d) Nanotechnologies;
e) CO2 cycles and Sustainable Development;
f) Advanced concepts on Renewable Energy Conversion technologies;
g) Innovative Polymers;
h) Mechanical Design;
i) Production Processes;
j) Aerodynamics.