The BOREAS Aerial platform is an innovative way to have a payload up to 1000m in the sky for very long periods of time. It achieves its goals with a hybrid lifting propulsion system using helium hydrostatic buoyancy (up to 10%) and aerodynamic lift through the Magnus effect rotating cylinder, (up to 90%) and a tether always connected to the ground providing the power and data communications (optional Fiber-optic if required).The current BOREAS Aerial Platform (which is a non-optimized system for this particular payload and altitude) achieves its nominal altitude of 500m for wind speeds higher than 4m/s. This happens because the initial remaining buoyancy is not enough to support all the cable weight.

When comparing the BAP-20-600 with a tether blimp with the same total volume (V=260m3) the altitudes achieved by the BAP-20-600 are higher from 3m/s onwards which represent better performance 88% of time. The BOREAS Aerial Platforms are particularly suitable to maintain the altitude for high wind conditions.The BOREAS Aerial Platform drifts with the wind direction; this means it has a maximum free movement within a 350m radius from the ground anchor point (for 600m of cable @ 12m/s wind speed).


To keep track of one specific point in the ground the system requires a 3 axis stabilized gimbal. Due to this limitation the maximum payload dimension with a 3 axis gimbal is: 330x330x200mm and the maximum weight is 5kg.

Different gimbal models can be used.

Renewable Energy Production on-site:

With an upgraded ground station, cable and control system the BOREAS Aerial Platform has the ability to produce its own energy onsite using a pumping cycle, at the expense of a lower maximum altitude.

Suitable missions:

  • Surveillance
  • Communications
  • Earth Observation
  • Satellite Data Validation
  • Payload Testing

BAP-20-600 _1_main BAP-20-600 _1_tablet BAP-20-600 _1_phone_landscape BAP-20-600 _1_phone
Full system. Ground station winch + cable + Airborne Module
BAP-20-600 _2_main BAP-20-600 _2_tablet BAP-20-600 _2_phone_landscape BAP-20-600 _2_phone
System applications overview
BAP-20-600 _3_main BAP-20-600 _3_tablet BAP-20-600 _3_phone_landscape BAP-20-600 _3_phone
Payload dimensions when using a 3 axis gimbal. 5kg max.
BAP-20-600 _4_main BAP-20-600 _4_tablet BAP-20-600 _4_phone_landscape BAP-20-600 _4_phone
Aerial Platform with 2 stacked cylinders. The bottom cylinder is the payload cylinder