Omnidea is currently engaged in the design of a Magnetic Pulse Welding machine capable of performing beyond crimping solutions for typical aerospace materials such as AA6000/7000, CRES 304/316 and Ti-6-4, in orbital configuration for large diameter and thick walled parts. Omnidea is aiming to improve upon current conventional MPW machine design not only through tailored coil geometry but also through in-house design and production of the most fundamental machine components such as the capacitors and the switch.


MPW - AA + AA tube_main MPW - AA + AA tube_tablet MPW - AA + AA tube_phone_landscape MPW - AA + AA tube_phone
Aluminium to Aluminium welded tubes using MPW technology
MPW - vessels_main MPW - vessels_tablet MPW - vessels_phone_landscape MPW - vessels_phone
Aluminium tube to Titanium interface using MPW technology