High Altitude Wind Energy Conversion.

Renewable energy, from sources such as wind, is of random and intermittent nature. Also, at higher altitudes wind blows with higher speeds and since wind power increases with the cube of speed, both the power and energy densities are far superior to those at surface level. Hence, in the wind energy production business, H.A.W.E. offers a radical new alternative to current wind generators. In order to carry this ambitious project forward, Omnidea is currently in talks to secure financial backing from investors, having recently submitted a PCT patent in May 2007. Following a new concept, versus the prevailing philosophy of optimized static systems aimed at extracting maximum energy from very low altitude winds, H.A.W.E. is able to vary the altitude at which the energy is produced. Also, having no fans of any type, it produces energy from the aerodynamic forces acting upon an airborne airfoil-like craft. If connected to the ground through a tether cable, this apparatus can convert wind energy into electrical energy, in a completely new and innovative way. This type of construction allows a significant price reduction per unit of power installed as well as an easier implementation of the concept in off-shore applications (regardless of water depth).

An acknowledgement of Omnidea's accurate insight was provided in 2007, when internet giant Google announced its RE<C initiative. This initiative aims at supplying financial support to the 2 most promising renewable technologies, the sole ones (in Google's view) capable of reducing the cost per MWh of renewable energy produced to the level of a coal fueled plant. Amongst the selected technologies is high-altitude wind power and the preferred meand to exploit it also through kite-based technology. Hence Omnidea is now more committed than ever to be at the forefront of this ground breaking revolution.


  • Wind Energy Convertion;
  • Wind Energy based Propultion;
  • Advertising opportunities.

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Take-off Procedures
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Aerial Platform transport
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Aerial Platform with 2 stacked cylinders
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